Veteran Nollywood actress, Olajumoke Ray Eyiwunmi, popularly known as Mama Ray, is celebrating her 82nd birthday and his on actor Muka actor showered with love and admiration on her.

Muka Ray took to his Instagram page to post a photo of his mother along with a heartfelt message.

In the post, Muka Ray praised his mother for her strength, resilience, and the positive impact she hason her children and prayed for her continued good health, prosperity, and long life.

In his word, he wrote,” Happy birthday to my lovely mother, my gold my pride, thinking about all you have gone through because because of us your children, I concluded you are a great woman, you took up the load of two and you delivered well. What can I use to qualify you, mother of fathers and mother, you shall live long to continue enjoying the fruit of tour labor. World if you love me pls celebrate her for me, repost, share and more. Love you mami. If am still unportund to come to this world , I pray to come through you. Enjoy your day”


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