Yomi Fabiyi, a Nollywood actor and filmmaker, has predicted that Princess, a comedienne and the foster mother of the minor at the center of Baba Ijesha’s rape case, will be jailed for her role in the case.

In a lengthy post on his Instagram page, Fabiyi listed nine reasons why he believes Princess will be jailed.

He wrote, ” Reason we keep saying that criminal minds like this are the ones hurting genuine victims from coming out or leave room for doubt until investigation proves their allegations.

By the time the judiciary(ongoing appeal) correct the 5years sentence handed to Baba Ijesha, POPULAR FEMALE COMEDIAN PRINCESS will be repertriated to Nigeria to serve a very LONG PRISON SENTENCE for all her crimes. After trial, are charges should be:

1. Illegal Adoption: There is no evidence she got legal custody of the child she claim she Foster. If established, it is punishable with prison terms.

2. Parental Negligence: She claim in court she was aware her Foster daughter had been sexually abused in 2020 by one “Damola Adekola” and their security “Okele” (a year before Baba Ijesha arrest) but never told the police. It is punishable with prison terms.

3. Obstruction of Police Investigation: She failed to provide the police with the hard copy of the purported CCTV footage. She only recorded the part she wanted them to see with her phone. These are claims established during trial. It is punishable with prison terms.

4. Court Contempt: She lied in court that she lured Baba Ijesha with “SCRIPT CONFERENCE” meanwhile evidence admitted showed she indeed lured him with an “ACTING ROLE”.

5. Use of Minor as BAIT & Child Ponography: The girl confirmed to the court she never repeated class, infact very brilliant and she could not seat anywhere aside beside Baba Ijesha because was told where the camera is. Premeditated action of filming sexual abuse of a child by anybody is CHILD PONOGRAPHY. Forcing or coercing a child/minor into submitting her body for sexual assault is gross human and child abuse punishable with prison terms.

6. Trial by Ordeal: Princess engaged thugs to torture and force Baba Ijesha into admitting a purported 7yrs event. DO NOT FORGET that one DAMOLA ADEKOLA whose “SPERM” was found on the girl after Baba Ijesha’s arrest is walking freely. Princess, Iyabo, Toun, NGOs etc are all silent about this. Someone removed him from the case. Investigated, confessed, yet SET FREE!


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