There has been discussion on whether of these seasoned actors portrays mother the best in Yoruba films:

Peju Omobolanle

Fausat Balogun

Toyin Afolayan

Jaiye Kuti

Most commentators on Yoruba movies agreed that it depends on the type of mother you want them to play out. As one commented that:

The four of them play different roles as mothers.

You want a Christian, peace loving mother.. PEJU

You are trying hard to conceive & need solution….. FAUSAT

Your in laws are working problems for u & u need ‘akoya’……TOYIN

You want to inherit properties…JAIYE

Another comment:

Peju Omobolanle – Passionate + witchcraft

Fausat Balogun – Socialite

Toyin Afolayan – Craziness

Jaiye Kuti – Socialite + Craziness

Jaiye Kuti – Socialite + Craziness

Someone also commented that:

Depending on the kind of mother you want.

If you’re looking 4 d 1 day would go along way 4 you to be rich go for Peju.

One that will sit besides you & pray to God to answer your prayers. Go for Madam Saje

No nonsense mother go for third frame

The rich mother-in-law 4th frame

Another analyst also said:

One will pray for you always even when you sleeping

One will have bad dream and the next morning run to Alfa for help

One will para for her son in-law at any slightest mistake (mama no nonsense )

One may snatch her son in-law from her Daughter (sugar mummy geng )

Another Yoruba movie fan said:

If the son is Odunlade Adekola, then Fausat Balogun is the best. Toyin and Jaiye are good for ‘tough or street’ motherhood. Peju is good for ‘serious or disciplined’ motherhood.

All of these veterans are good at what they know to do best.

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