A heartwarming video of popular Nollywood actor Bolanle Ninolowo teaching Oyinbo boys how to speak Yoruba Language has surfaced and by extension generated overwhelming reactions among netizens.

It’s well known that some Nigerians who stay or leave abroad always try as much as possible to exhibit their cultures as they strongly believe that it’s part of them and being far away from home shouldn’t make their various cultures a dead end.

However, Bolanle Ninolowo who leaves in the United States of America for a long period of time before he fully joined the Nollywood has got lot attractions from many due to his popularity and never conceal that he is a Yoruba man.

In the trending vide on Instagram, Bolanle Ninolowo while shooting a movie in the United States of America was rushed to by 4 young boys after they spotted him.

However, Bolanle Ninolowo makes it more interesting as he refers to the four Oyinbo boys as lil white mushin boys then tries to teach them Yoruba Language.

Bolanle Ninolowo tells each of them to pronounce Mushin Oshodi, Surule and Agbo and they got it correctly, showing how smart they are and that was just the beginning.

Bolanle Ninolowo, tells them to say “Ori yin ti yi” meaning there heads are not correct, responding the Oyinbo boys it effortlessly and Bolanle Ninolowo moves another step higher.

The actor said in Yoruba “Beeni, ori babayin yi” meaning yes, y’all fathers heads are not correct and one of the Oyinbo boys “Oshodi” who seems smarter managed to reply Bolanle “Ori baba yin yi” not knowing he has insulted Bolanle Ninolowo father and by they all hugged themselves at the end.

Bolanle Ninolowo while sharing the video accompanied it with the caption, “Na jeje i kuku dey do my work when these lil white mushin boys spotted me ooo!! Na @naijaonnetflix cus all dis one bayi oo! Cold nor dey even catch dem 🤷🏽‍♂️ Lobatan 🤣.”

Watch the funny video below;


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