Popular Nollywood actor, Adedimeji Lateef in a latest video shared online gets social media abuzz as he goes feminine.

In the video, Lateef Adedimeji once again shows off his versatility as an actor as he dresses completely like a female.

He shared a video of him acting as “Iya Peju Gbogbo Lowo” going to a party even though he is already running late.

However, while telling his aide about being time conscious as his people are already waiting for him, the actor was later serenaded by Davido hit song “Unavailable”.

The lyric goes; “I’m unavailable, them no dey see me, I’m unavailable dem no dey see me.”

Reacting to the song as he already kickstarted her dancing skills, Lateef rejected the song lyrics as he noted, he will always be available and people will always see him.

He added that he is the life of the party noting that people love him and always want him to be present at their parties.

Watch the video below;

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