Celebrity Nollywood couple Damola Olatunji and Bukola Awoyemi aka Bukky Arugba have been trending for the wrong reasons for some days and it’s not the first.

There have been reports that the pair is going through marital crisis just months after they had one.

Taking you quickly through their marriage, Damola Olatunji was said to have been married to Raliat who is based in the United Kingdom. Shortly after their marriage, Bukola and Damola met at a movie scene and played a romantic role in a movie which kickstarted their relationship.









Many frowned at the relationship when they started dating because Damola was already married.  Although the marriage to Raliat took place in 2013, the couple did not enjoy their marriage before things fell apart the following year after Bukola got pregnant with Damola’s child. Their union is blessed with a set of twins, a boy and girl born David and Deborah on the 5th of January 2015.










Fast forward to early 2022, Damola Olatunji got embroiled in incessant sex for role accusations with young actresses and in turn allegedly started to cause issues in his marriage to Bukola Awoyemi.

By mid 2022, it got so bad that the couple not only unfollowed each other, but also threw shade at each other and deleted each other’s photos from social media.

Bukola Awoyemi














Shortly after their families tried to mend the relationship, they were able to successfully put their issues behind them and united for a vacation with their kids; an act that got many of their fans jubilating.

Bukola had shared videos and photos which kept people’s mind at rest that all was well.












There was also a time where Damola was said to be going through terrible financial difficulties because he rarely got movie roles but Bukola stood by him.

Barely a year after, the Nollywood couple, yet again fueled breakup rumours after they unfollowed each other on the photo sharing platform, Instagram.

A gossip blog on Tuesday evening, March 21, 2023 alleged that the couple had parted ways for the second time. The blog claimed Bukola packed out of their matrimonial home after Damola allegedly impregnated another lady.

Rumours about their breakup intensified after it was discovered that they’ve cut ties on social media.

A search on Damola and Bukola’s individual pages on Instagram shows that the two have unfollowed each other on the social media platform.

Damola Olatunji also made a post which got many talking about what their marriage may be passing through.

In all, both actors have kept silent regarding their alleged marital crises but many of their fans can tell all is not well.


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