Samuel Ajirebi, a well-known actor and the son of Pa James, recently took to his official social media account to share a throwback photo featuring himself, Ogogo, and other actors. Expressing gratitude for the journey thus far, Samuel captioned the photo with, “Thank God for the journey. Tag them if you know them.”

The picture was captured in the early 2000s and has sparked various reactions among social media users, who have shared their thoughts and comments. Many individuals remarked on Ogogo’s seemingly timeless appearance, suggesting that he hasn’t aged after all these years.

Kira, Ogogo’s daughter, playfully commented, “Look at your head, Samuel.” Meanwhile, a fan praised Samuel, saying, “You deserve an award. Where did you find this photo? Thank God for life.”

Samuel Ajirebi emerged as one of the prominent child actors who made a significant impact on the movie industry during the early 2000s. His exceptional talent and memorable performances gained him widespread recognition. Even as a child on movie sets, Samuel exhibited remarkable confidence and his ability to portray roles left many in awe. His talent and skill were evident, captivating audiences with his interpretations.

However, as he transitioned into adulthood, Samuel’s popularity in the industry somewhat diminished. While he continued to refine his craft and grow as an actor, he did not maintain the same level of widespread fame he had achieved during his childhood years. Nonetheless, Samuel’s talent and dedication to his craft remain evident, and he continues to contribute to the film industry with his performances.

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