Popular Nigerian actress, Funke Akindele, has been called out on social media by a woman who recounted her bad experience with her from 15 years ago.

In a video that surface on IG, the unnamed woman spoke of how the actress chased her out of her movie location like a goat many years ago.

According to the woman, she already knew Funke would not win the governorship election for Lagos state because of her pride.

She said: “Madam Funke Akindele, I knew you wouldn’t win the election. Ask me why? She’s too proud, she’s full of herself.

Funke Akindele you’re too proud, what people are saying about you outside is not good at all. Any of your fans who dares should see you on the street and try to greet you. Because of your political campaign, you started having some kind of smiles, I have never seen such smiles on your face before Aunty Funke.

15 years ago, I came to your location Funke, I came to see someone, you sent me away like a goat, I was even trying to explain you said “Get out! Get out!” I had never seen such a thing before, I only used to hear it when it’s not like I was a dog, I gently left the place and cried on my way home. Funke Akindele life is not like that.

The youths don’t have good things to say about you, even your thousands and millions of followers, do you think they have PVC? You better change for good, Funke change for good and be kind to people, show love to everyone.”

Watch her speak below:

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