Nollywood actress Mo Bimpe has left many of her fans worried after making a public appearance for the first time since her wedding in December.

Before Mo Bimpe’s marriage to her husband Lateef Adedimeji, there were speculations that she was pregnant.

Mo Bimpe also fuelled the speculations after she was spotted having a swollen face and protruding stomach at different times.

However, stepping out for the ‘Future Award Africa 2022’ Mo Bimpe shared took to her Instagram page to share a video of herself which left many fans asking about her pregnancy.

Others also criticized Mo Bimpe for using a waist trainer even when pregnant.

kifferya wrote: I don’t think she’s pregnant??

debbysizzy wrote: Careful ooo baby inside Belle nko kus of dis waist trainer bayi

oyeen__ wrote: And they said she’s pregnant,me I’m not sure oo with this 25 steel waist trainer…btw she’s cute

alwaysscorpio wrote: Sha allow the baby breathe

Taking to her Instagram page, Bimpe Oyebade shared a video of herself dazzling in a lovely dress as she poses for the camera taking different shots.

However, fans were quick to spot the discomfort of Bimpe Oyebade and her difficulty in breathing following her waist trainer.

The lines and straps of the waist trainer were visible, and some fans criticized her for making herself uncomfortable, all for the sake of Instagram.

Watch the video below;

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