There have been rumors for years about how many children Mide Martins and her husband had.

There were reports that they will have a boy in May 2020 and twins in June 2020, and that Afeez  Owo would post a photo of twins and congratulate himself on becoming the latest father of twins (baba ibeji).

However, the actor/film director later clarified that he was not the father of the twins.

Mide and Afeez are the joyful parents of two children, Anuoluwapo and Omotola Abiodun.

Because the couple has successfully kept their children out of the spotlight, little to no information about them is known.

Anuoluwapo, their first daughter, was born in May 2008, and on her tenth birthday in 2018, Mide and Afeez celebrated her on their individual Instagram accounts.

She attended M. D. School and graduated from elementary school in July 2018.

The pair adores their children and enjoys spending time with them.

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