In comedies this days, several female Instagram comedians conceal their beautiful faces with some hilarious make-up or make-over which changes their appearance. We would be showing some of these female comedians in this article;

1. Ashmusy;

Ashmusy is one of the talented comediennes in the entertainment industry who sometimes conceal her beauty with hilarious make-up when she acts another character in her comedy skit.

The beautiful lady who acts as Heorowonbe do as a local lady and hide her beauty from the viewers as she entertains her fans with an amazing story.

2. Flora;

Another hilarious comedienne who is making waves in the comedy industry with her talented skit is Flora. The comedienne hides her beauty with hilarious make-up and make-over that if you probably saw her outside, you might find it very hard to recognise her.

Flora is one of the geniuses in creating comedy skits.

3. Dirty Grandma;

Dickson Ruth popularly known as Dirty Grandma is another name on the list of popular comedians who hide their beauty with hilarious make-over and make-up.

Dickson Ruth is a very beautiful woman when she is away from her creative comedies skit.

4. Jessiekaey;

The beautiful comedian whose real name is Jessica is one of the talented comedians who conceals her beauty from the viewers during her comedy skit.

The beautiful lady is known to tie a hilarious ‘gele’ and a funny kind of shoe which change her appearance from the real Jessica.

5. Iya Mufu;

Another popular comedienne who conceals her beauty from her viewers is Iya Mufu whose beauty is one of the unmatched beauty in the entertainment industry.

Iya Mufu always has hilarious make-up which hides her beautiful face and aids her comedy skits.

I am very sure you are amazed and surprised seeing the beautiful faces of some of these comedians who hide their beautiful faces with the help of make-over or make-up.

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