A Port Harcourt based physically challenged skin care therapist, Dorathy Osaronu, otherwise known as Duchess of Onne has shared her story with BBC News Pidgin and how she broke the misconception that no man would marry her because of her condition.

Speaking about her condition with BBC News, Dorathy disclosed that she has a disability coupled with obesity. She said her disability started at the age of 3.

Albeit she doesn’t know exactly how it happened, her mother explained to her that she suddenly woke up with a fever and was taken to different hospitals but no remedy.

Dorathy said people used to say that she wouldn’t find a man to marry her because she is obese and uses wheelchair.

She said that people tried to demoralize her that she would not get a husband but God shushed each of them by bringing a loving man into her life.

Dorathy said she was told that she may lose her life if she doesn’t lose weight. She said she has faced a lot of harsh criticisms from people over her condition but she doesn’t focus on negative remarks because she is a beautiful creature made by God.

Contrary to people’s belief that no man would want to marry her because of her condition, Dorathy said she found a man who loves her unconditionally. She said the man professed his love to her regardless of her condition.

Narrating how she met her husband, Dorathy said she met her husband, Gabriel Osaro in the year 2009 when she went to sit for WAEC Examination. She said she sat for the exam in a school owned by her spouse’s father. Also, she said her father and his spouse’s father are friends.

Gabriel and Dorathy are happily married now. Gabriel said he naturally has a penchant for big women. He said he has had a crush on Dorathy on Facebook but she did not give him attention.

He later came across her instagram page in 2019 and learnt that she is a skin care therapist. He said he leveraged on that knowledge to get her attention.

Dorathy said even though no marriage is perfect what really matters is ‘understanding’ and she and her husband have that in abundance. She said they love each other and understand each other as well which is the most important thing

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