It dates back. On Thursday, well-known actor Aremu Olumide Afolayan shared heartfelt throwback photos of him and his mother on his verified Instagram profile. The man known affectionately as “Aremumi Most Wanted Like Crude Oil” displayed gorgeous old pictures of his mother and daughter and talked about incredible childhood memories.

He claimed that despite the frequent arguments they have, he and his mother still had a close relationship. He claimed that he recalled his late grandma telling him about the beans and palm oil she brings from Oyo State.

Aremu recalled the Egusi (melon) that was missing meat and fish, but she promised to make it worthwhile to eat by transforming the same Egusi into meat and dividing it into three portions for him and his brothers. Also, he recalled how she used to sleep under the stairs while working as a housekeeper and cover herself in wrappers (clothes).

Aremu recalled the time they lived in a wooden home on Ayinde Street where termites had destroyed all of the planks and she had to cover them with movie posters from his father.

Additionally, he recalled that she used to sell her garments to Mallam and use the proceeds to purchase beans at the Oyingbo Market for them to eat.

Aremu praised his mother and wishes he had enough money to give her a house now, but he doesn’t. He concluded by saying that he had thought about her today.

Fans and celebrities responded to this post in his comment section, expressing their feelings. Many were misled by his letter and believed his mother had passed away, although she is still alive.

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