Kunle Afod, a well-known Nollywood actor, sparked online discussion after posting adorable photos of himself and his wife, Desola Afod. He posted the images on social media so that people could congratulate them on their new appearance.

He captioned the photos on his official Instagram profile, “My babe and I,” claiming that both he and his wife are workaholics and that God will reward their grit. People couldn’t help but swoon over them when he said that they would keep working hard till they reached the promised land. Several people praised them as a lovely couple, while others remarked they looked fantastic.


Kunle Afod and his wife have a strong bond and frequently do activities together, such as travel to events and take pictures. They have received a great deal of admiration as a result, and the entertainment business is currently taking notice.

New Recalled That Actor Kunle Afod from Nollywood is feeling thankful after narrowly escaping death in a fire catastrophe that left his driver horribly burned.

The actor shared his story on Instagram, saying that on January 16th, a catastrophe struck him when his bus caught fire.

However, the actor and everyone in his immediate vicinity survived, including his driver and an elderly guy who tried to administer aid but was badly burned.


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