In the late 90s, Nigeria experienced a sharp currency devaluation and a ban on imports, resulting in the unavailability of foreign movies and expensive conventional filmmaking equipment. However, talented producers, writers, and actors were undaunted and realized that cheaper formats such as VHS and digital video could be used to make movies. As a result, the first Nollywood movies were made on VHS. But who made the first home video film in Nigeria?

According to Wikipedia and The Guardian, the first video film produced in Nigeria was Soso Meji in 1988. Ade Ajiboye, also known as “Big Abass,” produced this film. He is from Fiditi in Oyo State.

Soso Meji, a Yoruba home video, is widely regarded as the first video film in Nigeria. The term “home video” derives from the idea of watching movies at home rather than in movie theaters, as was common during the Golden Age of cinema.

Meet The Son Of Ade Ajiboye (Big Abass)

Tolulope Ajiboye, also known as OJO in Nollywood movies, is a young and talented actor who has decided to pursue a career in hip-hop. In addition to acting, he is also a songwriter and inspirational speaker, and has released several tracks over the years, although he never officially dropped them. However, the young actor is now coming out with a club banger titled “SALAYE”.

Tolulope was born and raised in Ikotun-Egbe, Lagos state, and is the son of popular actor and director Ade Ajiboye, also known as Big Abass. T-Manosky, as he is often called, has appeared in numerous Yoruba home videos, particularly in cultural films.

In 2005, he founded his own production company, which he named Vision-Wide Cinemas. Tolulope has promised to deliver the best in movies and music to his fans.

“SALAYE”, his latest track, was set to be released on April 20th, 2015, so fans were eagerly anticipating what this young talent would bring to both the movie and music industries.

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