Fans and followers rain prayer on Nigerian actress Dayo Amusa over her generous act of giving during the holy month of Ramadan

The actress, known for her philanthropic efforts, embarked on a mission to provide food for the less fortunate during the Ramadan season.

Dayo Amusa took to her social media handles to share videos of the foods she want distribute to those in need.

She caption the video with: ILLALI AMAM INSHA ALLAH For Allah has promised to return in folds to whoever gives or feed the needy in the month of Ramadan…”

Her philanthropic efforts touches the heart of her fans and follower who took to the comment section to shower prayers on her.


– Adufe continue collect blessings❤️ Warafanahu mokana Aliyah 👏 u will soon laugh😂😂to Grace❤️❤️❤️❤️

– Insha Allahu, may Almighty Allah use this months of mercy to grant you your inner most prayer.

– May Almighty Allah answer your secret prayers insha Allah Ramon

– May Almighty Allah we answer all ur secret prayer points insha Allah Rahman 🙏… continue to be blessed

– May Allah reward you accordingly ma❤️❤️❤️

– MashAllah, May Almighty Allah bless you more.

– azakumulahi Khairan, May Allah answer your secret and open prayers

See the video below:

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