It is always a relief to hear when someone has survived a dangerous car accident, and this was the case for popular Nigerian actor and model, Rotimi Salami. He recently shared his testimony on social media, thanking God for sparing his life after he was involved in a horrific road accident with his personal assistant.

According to reports, the accident was a close call for both Rotimi and his PA, but thankfully they both escaped unhurt. The news of the accident spread quickly, and fans and well-wishers have been sending their prayers and messages of support to the actor.

In his post on social media, Rotimi expressed his gratitude to God for saving their lives, and he also prayed that death would never be their portion. His words were a clear indication of how thankful he was to have survived the accident, and how he hopes that the incident will serve as a reminder to all of us to cherish life and appreciate every moment we have.

Rotimi is a talented actor and model who has made a name for himself in the Nigerian entertainment industry. He has starred in several movies and TV shows and has won numerous awards for his outstanding performances. Fans and colleagues alike will no doubt be relieved to hear that he is safe and sound after the accident.

the news of Rotimi Salami’s car accident was a shock to many, but the fact that he survived is a testament to the power of prayer and the grace of God. We wish him and his personal assistant a speedy recovery from the trauma of the accident, and we pray that they will continue to stay safe as they go about their daily lives.

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