Mercy Aigbe, a renowned Nollywood actress, has expressed her dissatisfaction with the constant pressure faced by entrepreneurs in Nigeria. In response to the news of cargo pile-ups at the Lagos airport due to customs agents’ protests, Mercy Aigbe expressed her frustration at the difficulties of running a business in Nigeria. She highlighted the constant pressure from all angles and how it has made business operations tiresome.

In her words, “The issue is that doing business in Nigeria is so frustrating. There’s pressure from everywhere!!! I am tired.” It is not the first time that Mercy Aigbe has spoken out about the challenges faced by entrepreneurs in Nigeria, and her comments highlight the need for the government to address the challenges faced by business owners in the country.

Mercy Aigbe bemoans, expresses concern for business owners

In a post last year, Mercy Aigbe, the CEO of MAG Divas, lamented about the challenging business environment in Nigeria due to the increase in the dollar exchange rate. She expressed her concern about how draining the country has become for business owners and questioned how her fellow entrepreneurs were coping with the situation. She also expressed her exhaustion with the state of affairs, saying, “Gosh, this country is draining. I don taya.”

Despite the challenging business environment in Nigeria, Mercy Aigbe has remained resilient and continued to expand her business portfolio. She is an inspiration to many entrepreneurs in Nigeria, and her determination to succeed despite the odds is commendable.

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