Nigerian actress Bidoun Okeowo aka Omoborty placed curse on herself if truly she had any intimacy with comic skit maker Cute Abiola.

Recall in 2022, an alleged cexual chat of Biodun Okeowo and Cute Abiola was leaked online, fueling an affair between them.

Going on Instagram live to air her opinion minutes ago, Biodun Okeowo called out Cute Abiola to debunk the rumor and place a curse that if she truly had any intimacy with Cute Abiola, may she not see the end of this year but if not the curse is for those spreading the rumor.

She said: ” If I ever had any intimacy with thecuteabiola, may I not see the end of this year but if not, everyone spreading this news will not live long. Trolls come on my posts every time to bully me, What is the meaning of all this nonsense? The age difference between him and my first son is so little. How will I date him? Someone that can’t stand to greet me. The cute abiola should come out now and debunk this rumour because I heard he is the one peddling the false information around”

Watch her speak below:

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