The story of Murphy Afolabi’s secret love child has been a topic of discussion in the Nigerian entertainment industry for many years. Despite his initial denial of paternity, the teenage girl’s claim was proven to be true, and Moyosoreoluwa Afolabi was born.

While the news of Moyosoreoluwa’s birth was met with mixed reactions, the little girl’s life has been nothing short of a rollercoaster ride. On one hand, she is blessed to have a mother who loves and supports her unconditionally, but on the other handshe has been denied the love and affection of her father, a situation that has affected her emotionally.

According to reports, the little girl has been yearning to meet her father for years, but he has refused to associate with her. This rejection has taken a toll on her, and she reportedly cries all day, feeling unloved and unwanted.

Sadly, the effect of her father’s rejection has not only been emotional but also academic. Despite being one of the brightest students in her class, she has been struggling with her studies, and her inability to enjoy the fatherly roles in her life has gradually affected her performances in school.

It is a sad situation that has raised concerns about the importance of fatherly love and support in the upbringing of a child. While it is not clear why Murphy Afolabi has chosen to reject his daughter, it is evident that his decision has far-reaching consequences on the little girl’s emotional and academic well-being.

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