During the recent episode of Lege Miami’s singles hookup live programme, popular actress Kemi Afolabi announced that she is single and ready for marriage. In her conversation with the renowned Yoruba actor, Kemi mentioned that she had been unwell for a while but is now on the road to recovery.

Kemi went on to reveal that she is currently unmarried and actively searching for a responsible partner. However, Lege Miami expressed surprise at her announcement, as he had previously seen her with a seemingly respectable man and assumed she was already married.

Kemi clarified that she had actually gotten divorced over two years ago, before her illness, and emphasized that she wants a partner who won’t judge her based on her status as a celebrity. She stated that being in the public eye often leads to rumors and misconceptions about her personal life.

Lastly, Kemi stated that she has been single for quite some time and is now open to dating again.


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