Chief Kareem Adepoju, a renowned actor and cultural icon fondly known as Baba Wande, recently disclosed that he has multiple wives and remains open to the possibility of marrying additional partners.

In a recent interview, Baba Wande shared his perspective, stating, “I have many wives. I can’t provide an exact count since I haven’t stopped; I could still marry another woman.”

He further explained the historical context behind his polygamous relationships, particularly during the era of stage plays when television was not prevalent. Baba Wande revealed that the presence of women in their theater group was crucial for attracting audiences. Their plays often revolved around female-centric narratives.

However, they faced challenges as some parents would occasionally withdraw their daughters from the theater group, disrupting their plans. To address this issue, Baba Oyin Adejobi, another prominent figure in the industry, proposed the idea of taking these actresses as wives. Fortunately, the situation has improved as parents now allow their children to pursue theater as a career. In contrast, during Baba Wande’s time, parents were reluctant to permit their children to join theater groups.

At almost 90 years of age, you say you still want more wives?

Certainly, age should not be a determining factor for polygamy. However, I must clarify that I am not yet 90 years old. Regardless, I firmly believe that age is irrelevant when it comes to the practice of polygamy. If given the opportunity, I would gladly enter into marriages with additional wives because I believe it aligns with God’s teachings to marry and multiply.

But you need energy to perform the conjugal rights.

The boundless energy we possess is a divine gift bestowed upon us by God. It is God who provides sustenance for us. Often, we make the mistake of pondering how we will acquire the means to support others, forgetting that we are not solely responsible for their nourishment. It is God who graciously feeds us all.

What have been your experiences on polygamy and why are you in support of it?

I hold no judgment towards either monogamy or polygamy, recognizing that each has its unique advantages. Allow me to share a personal anecdote that illustrates this point. On one occasion, when I fell ill and one of my wives was absent, my other wives took care of me, and I eventually recovered. If I had only been married to one wife, my suffering would have been much greater.

Another aspect to consider is that polygamy offers the opportunity to find a range of qualities in different women, rather than engaging in promiscuity. By marrying multiple wives, one can experience the diverse beauty, complexions, behaviors, and more that each woman possesses. For instance, while one wife may excel at cooking, another may excel at housework. One may have a light complexion, while another may have a darker complexion. One may be devoutly prayerful, while others may excel in different areas. Therefore, there is no need to seek outside of the marital bond, as all the qualities one desires can be found within the collective attributes of multiple wives.

Furthermore, polygamy can foster fidelity. We have all heard stories of men who, despite having only one wife, engage in relationships with their housemaids, leading to unintended pregnancies. These actions are not driven by a desire to marry these individuals, but rather a reflection of the fact that, as African men, having only one woman is not sufficient for their sexual needs.

In summary, I do not wish to condemn either monogamy or polygamy, as both approaches have their merits. The key is to respect individual choices and recognize the advantages and dynamics associated with each form of marriage.

In the journey of life, if a man chooses to marry only one wife, he must confront any challenges that come his way alone. Throughout my experiences, I have witnessed numerous instances where men who married only one wife ended up divorcing. Conversely, I have observed men who embraced the practice of marrying multiple wives, and they have successfully maintained harmonious relationships over extended periods. Such is the nature of life, with its diverse outcomes.

One significant advantage I perceive in marrying multiple wives is the opportunity to discover various qualities and attributes that may be sought in a woman. It is an inherent truth that no two individuals possess identical characters and attributes. By having multiple wives, one can explore and experience a diverse range of qualities among them.

Allow me to recount an incident from my personal life: One of my wives once traveled to visit her daughter. If she had been my only wife, I would have undoubtedly experienced hardship and difficulty during her absence while she attended to her grandchild. Monogamous individuals often come to realize the implications of their choices as they age, particularly when their sole wives are away fulfilling their responsibilities as grandmothers.

In essence, the decision to marry one or multiple wives is a deeply personal one, and the advantages and disadvantages may vary depending on individual circumstances. It is crucial to recognize that each path has its unique challenges and rewards, and it is ultimately up to each person to choose the path that aligns with their values and desires.

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