Victor Duru Kamorudeen, a young boy from Nigeria, whose tearful video while working on a construction site went viral, has shared his story. The boy, who does not have a father, is working as a bricklayer on the site to support his mother.

Kamorudeen, who only gets to see his mother once a year in December, expressed his desire to someday return to school. His emotional video has touched many hearts, and after it went viral, Lukman Samsudeen, the person who posted the video, shared some poignant details about Kamorudeen.

The young lad is fatherless.

Lukman stated that the boy, Kamorudeen, has the opportunity to see his mother only once a year, and that is during the month of December. He appealed to social media users to come forward and assist Kamorudeen, emphasizing that the boy is eager to pursue his education.

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