Sometimes in life, you have to dig down to know why something is unsaid, Mosun Filani As been the reason why Muyiwa Ademola and odunlade Adekola are now the best of Eniola, Let me give you some hidden facts about the moon before I open fowl yansh.

Mosun Filani is one of the most beautiful damsels in Yoruba cinema, and she is responsible for the genre’s success. She is subtly seductive, sensual, and quite gorgeous. She appears weak, but her articulate demeanor, stunning face, and head-turning physique are some of the assets that have made her one of the most sought-after actors at the time. But don’t be fooled by her vulnerable appearance; she’s assured many that she has what it takes to last in the industry.

Mosun was admitted to the Federal College of Education in Osiele, Ogun State, after completing her high school education in the historic city of Ibadan. She joined the famed Waheed Ijaduade Theatre Group while there, where she learned the ropes of the make-believe trade and produced an exceptional output. Waheed Ijaduade, a powerful figure in the Abeokuta film industry as an actor, producer, and director of note, saw that he had a big gift in his hands and helped her to reach the pinnacle of her career. Mosun allegedly had an affair with the then-up and helped her to reach the pinnacle of her profession while with Ijaduade’s group.


It was while with Ijaduade’s group that Mosun was alleged to strike up an affair with the actor, Odunlade Adekola, who is also based in Abeokuta. Those in the know say that the relationship was so strong that no one believed they could ever separate. According to those who were close to her, that relationship also helped to catapult the unknown Mosun to prominence because she used to accompany Odunlade to almost every movie location and the popularity of Odun, as Odunlade is fondly referred to, amongst the producers and actors, coupled with her boss’ strong force in the industry, she began to get roles in movies produced by Abeokuta based producers.

We also learned that as soon as she began to get popular as a result of the increasing jobs she was getting, Mosun quickly changed the base to pitch her tent with star actor, Muyiwa Ademola after meeting him on a movie set where they acted together. A relationship was said to have kicked started between the two and Muyiwa Authentic, as he is fondly called, became her center of existence.



It was gathered that when the news of her relationship with Muyiwa hit town, it was not only Odun that was disappointed but also other producers who are Odun’s friends and many of them were said to have vowed not to give her roles again. And within a short while, we gathered that her face faded out and became scarce in movies done by the Abeokuta producers. But what she lost in Abeokuta, she was said to gain even more in the Ibadan axis courtesy of Muyiwa Ademola as he was said to have secured roles for her in movies shot by his numerous producer friends and those he coordinated.

So busy was Mosun in Ibadan that she had to relocate from her Abeokuta base to Ibadan to be able to concentrate on her work. However, we gathered from close associates who knew of their closeness that it was not only Mosun that suffered a setback due to her relationship with Muyiwa Ademola as the affair ruined the brotherly relationship between Odunlade and Muyiwa and also the relationship between Muyiwa and other Abeokuta producers who vowed to stick by and support Odun whom they saw as one of their own.

We also learned that when the news hit the town that Mosun had relocated to Ibadan to be close to Muyiwa Ademola, she was quick to react by telling anyone who cared to listen that she went to Abeokuta for her study and along the line, found herself in acting and since her family was based in Ibadan where she incidentally had her early education and grew up, she had to go back to the place she calls home.

Authentic was hot, Mosun always played the lead roles in Muyiwa’s movies and those he coordinated. Such was his influence in her career that he started making enemies with his friends. We gathered that he once had a run-in with his long-standing friend Adebayo Tijani, the producer of “Apesin” who reportedly had a fight with Muyiwa over his imposition of Mosun over other babes in their group since she was getting all the lead and juicy roles. Meanwhile, Muyiwa Ademola is a married man, and one way or the other, his relationship with Mosun Filani was said to have gotten to the wife and according to insiders, she once went to warn Mosun to steer clear of her husband and when it seemed Mosun was unrelenting, Muyiwa’s wife was said to have sent emissaries to Mosun whom we gathered warned her to desist from her affair with Muyiwa or she would live to regret her actions.

When Mosun saw that the threat was taking the shape of reality, she relocated back to Abeokuta where she had initially abandoned and settled down to her rental business. Meanwhile, according to those in the know, Mosun who has dated quite a several people in and out of the industry is not happy about the development as she was said to have greatly cherished her love affair with Muyiwa more than what she has had with any other person. The reason, we learned, is because, during her liaison with Muyiwa, she gained a lot of confidence in the industry through the constant use of her face on movie posters and jackets courtesy of the man called Authentic.

Mosun has featured in many movies with Amin Ayo bringing her to the limelight just as her role as Tracy in Jena, a movie produced by Funke Akindele also made her very well known. Other movies she has featured in include Apesin, Iranse Aje, amongst others. She has also produced some movies like Alabama, Iran Kefa, and Iku Ewa.


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