A-list celebrities in the Yoruba movie industry, including Femi Adebayo, Ijebu, Afeez Owo, and others, have come together to support their colleague, Adeniyi Johnson, as he se to hold an expensive naming ceremony of his twin babies.

Adeniyi Johnson and his wife, Sey Edun welcomed a set to twins few weeks ago.

In a show of love and support, Femi Adebayo, Ijebu, Afeez Owo, and others donated a cow, ram, and drinks for the event.

Adeniyi Johnson, who couldn’t contain his joy, took to his social media page to thank his colleagues for their support, love, and kindness. He expressed his gratitude to them and stated that he would always remember their kind gesture towards him and his family.

Appreciating Afeez Owo and his wife, Adeniyi Johnson wrote, ” Awon oni nawo gangan don add one more cow oooooo!!! Ladies and gentlemen we have enough cows now o…. I can’t appreciate this family enough God bless you @officialafeezowo and @mydemartins … MY FAMILY AND I APPRECIATE 🙏🏾 . @i_am_shai Come and see 😀

Appreciating Femi Adebayo, he wrote, ” HE MAYOR OF MY HONOURABLE DON ORDER O…. @afrimektv AWARAWALAWA OOO….. 15 cartoons of @kubanahwhisky and 25 cartoons of @trophylagernigeria … I am wowed sir … aside being my MAYOR … you are my BOSS 🙌❤️… MY FAMILY AND I ARE GRATEFUL SIR !!! @femiadebayosalami God bless you sir @iyanaladuke help me thank my boss o cc @i_am_shai come see ooo.”

Appreciating Ijebu, he wrote. ” After party don set oooo… @ijebuu don declare o… RAM for asun!!! My @afrimektv brother and personal friend I am grateful ooo… MY FAMILY AND I ARE AUPER GRATEFUL @popsbead thanks ooo… @i_am_shai come and see o… GOD BLESS YOU BRO @ijebuu 🙏🏾❤️❤️
Cow and meat don set who go buy Henessy and Martel o??

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