popular Nollywood actress, Eniola Badmus, has reacted to the commotion surrounding her remarkable weight loss.

When she released an old video of her busty self on Instagram, the curvy actress provoked outrage.

The video was shot while Eniola Badmus was filming the Gangs of Lagos movie on Lagos Island.

While regretting her experience on set, fans questioned the actress on her remarkable weight loss.

Eniola Badmus revealed that featuring in the movie was one of the most challenging activities for her because she was on movie location for 8 days straight.

Following this, an argument ensued in her comment section about how she was able to lose weight after acting in the movie.

While some claimed they knew how the actress lost her weight, a user identified as Saruniya claimed she lost it through a gastric bypass.

Eniola Badmus shunned the user who later apologized for the wrong allegations.

She wrote: oh, please shut up and stop misleading people just type what you’re sure of, I never said such enough of all this lie

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