1. Osita Iheme:

Most fans recognize him by the nickname “Pawpaw” which he got from a character he portrayed in the 2003 comedy film “Aki na Pawpaw” alongside Chinedu Ikedieze.

2. John Okafor:

John Okafor is fondly known as “Mr Ibu,” a name he got from a 2004 comedy film “Mr Ibu.” Several sequels with that title have been produced and the actor has been known by the name ever since.

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3. Babatunde Omidina:

Most people know him as Baba Suwe- a name he got from the TV series “Erin Kee Kee” where he played the role of a character by name Baba Suwe.

4. Chinedu Ikedieze:

Chinedu Ikedieze got the nicknmae “Aki” from the 2003 comedy film “Aki na Pawpaw” where he co-starred with Osita Iheme.

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5. Nkem Owoh:

After playing the role of “Osuofia” in the 2003 comedy movie “Osuofia In London,” the nickname has since stuck with veteran Nollywood actor Nkem Owoh.

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