Mercy Johnson Okojie is a well-known Nollywood actress who has gained fame for her exceptional acting skills and her captivating beauty. She is a proud mother of four children, and her youngest child, Divine-Mercy Okojie, just turned three years old. To mark this special occasion, Mercy took to her Instagram page to express her love and appreciation for her daughter.

In her post, Mercy shared beautiful pictures of Divine-Mercy dressed in a gorgeous floral gown, and she also took the opportunity to celebrate all her children. She thanked God for the blessings of motherhood and for the opportunity to raise her children with love and care.

Mercy’s prayers for her children were heartfelt and genuine. She asked God to guide and protect them, to shield them from the negative influences of the world, and to help them grow into kind, compassionate, and God-fearing individuals. She acknowledged that raising children is not an easy task, but she expressed her willingness to give her all to be a devoted mother to her kids.

Mercy Johnson Okojie’s prayers for her daughter Divine-Mercy on her third birthday were a testament to her deep love and commitment to her children. She is a proud mother who takes joy in watching her children grow and flourish, and she is grateful for the blessings of motherhood.

Mercy Wrote: “My Heart is so heavy lord, Own my kids and do that which only you can do in their life against the wish of any flesh….Happy Birthday Divine-Mercy Okojie…Mummy Loves you so much…So much. Birthday Girl”.

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