Nigerian actress Lola Margaret celebrates her new age with a heartwarming message on social media

The actress, who is known for her captivating performances on both the big and small screens, expressed her gratitude to God for another wonderful year.

She further urges her fans to say a word of prayer of her.

In her post, “Lola Margaret thanked God for His faithfulness and love, thanking God for another wonderful year.

She wrote, ” I am so grateful God!!!! Thank you for another wonderful year🙏 Is there anybody who can duplicate the sun, moon, seas, or the human brain? I am the proof that all His creations are masterpieces,

He put a unique code in my fingerprints such that no other creation of His is exactly like me.

Someone else may have the same name,height, looks, and complexion as me,but no two people are exactly the same. He made me unique for a purpose and i will fulfill that purpose in Jesus’ name.Amen HAPPIEST BIRTHDAY TO ME!!! Please say a word of prayer for me🙏”

In another post she wrote, ” Iam +1 Today Join me in praising God💃💃 I have seen his goodness…..”


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