In Nigeria, many citizens sought greener pastures in other countries as many believe there are more opportunities to succeed overseas especially in America than in Nigeria. Interestingly, some of our popular celebrities also left Nigeria in search of greener pastures away from their fatherland.

In the Yoruba industry, some popular faces in the industry relocated and left the country for greener pastures. Here are 5 of these actors below, and what they are currently doing;

1. Doris Simeon;

Popular Yoruba Actor, Doris Simeon is one of the talented Yoruba actors in Nigeria who is very passionate when it comes to acting. Doris Simeon before moving to the United States of America was very active in the Yoruba movie industry.

However, a few years ago, Doris Simeon relocated to America particularly because of his son. The beautiful actress decided to become a professional hairdresser but also acts in some movies that are shot in the United States of America. Therefore, Doris Simeon is currently a hairdresser and also still an actress.

2. Yomi Gold;

Yoruba playboy, Yomi Gold is one of the popular Yoruba actors who is very talented and exceptional in the industry. He is one of the best when it comes to romantic Yoruba movies and is known for his playboy roles.

Yomi Gold relocated to the United States of America a few years ago where he started a business. The handsome Nigerian actor started a cattle and rearing business in the state and he nicknamed himself Mr USA Goat. Therefore, Yomi Gold is a cattle rearer and also an actor who is still appearing in some movies.

3. Bigval Jokotoye;

Bigval Jokotoye is one of the popular Yoruba actors who is also known for his playboy roles in the Yoruba movie industry. The handsome Nigerian actor relocated to America a few years ago and recently became a citizen of America.

Bigval Jokotoye never left acting for a second as he still takes acting and the production of movies very seriously. The handsome actor has acted and produced lots of movies in the United States of America. The handsome actor just got cast in a Hollywood movie recently.

4. Oyin Elebuibon;

Beautiful Actress, Oyin Elebuibon is a Nigerian Yoruba actress who is very talented and known for her amazing roles in the industry. Oyin Elebuibon was one of the popular actresses during her time in Nigeria.

Oyin Elebuibon relocated to America years ago and the beautiful actress is currently a priestess and also still very active in the Yoruba movies majorly produced in America. Therefore, Oyin Elebuibon is currently a priestess who enlighten people about the Nigerian culture and she is also an actress.

5. Mistura Asuranmu;

Yoruba actress, Mistura Asuranmu is one of the popular actresses in the Yoruba movie industry. The beautiful actress is an amazing actor who is talented and very good at the craft.

Like many of her colleagues, Mistura Asuranmu left Nigeria for greener pastures in America where she runs a radio and television programme. She is still very active as an actress as she has featured in some Yoruba movies produced in America.

6. Toyin Adewale;

Popular Yoruba veteran, Toyin Adewale is one of the beautiful actresses who is making the Yoruba movie industry proud in America. The beautiful mother of a talented Nigerian musician, Mayorkun never forgot her first calling after relocating to America.

The beautiful woman joined other Yoruba actors in America to make amazing Yoruba movies. The beautiful actress has featured in many Yoruba movies in America alongside popular actors like Yomi Gold, Bigval, Doris and other actors who now mostly ply their trades in America.

These are a few of many Yoruba actors who relocated to America and continue making the Yoruba movie industry proud.

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