I’m sure you are familiar with several of the infamous Yoruba film villains.

Fatai Odua


A stanza in Yoruba custom and culture is represented by the veteran Yoruba on-screen figure Fatai Odua, better known by his stage name Lalude. In terms of performing the traditional role, Laude is among the top Yoruba performers.

Lalude is fantastic in spells and a powerhouse in movies, especially the one in which he plays a botanist, yet he hardly ever does other jobs. He stood out from his friends because of the way he conducted himself in those roles.



If I refer to him as Tajudeen Adeoye, many people might not recognize who I am referring to. However, as soon as I catch sight of Abija, praise for him will start to spread. While the younger generation may not be as familiar with him, individuals in their 30s and older have experienced all of Abijah’s acting prowess in Yoruba epic movies.

Many people might decide not to watch the movie if Abija isn’t the main warrior in it by that point. That is to show you just how much love people had for him back then. Our days as kids were created by Abijawarabiekun. He was on our high contrast TV screens when we were kids up until the advent of shading TVs.

He taught several of us how to cast various spells and participate in some film activities, which is funny. The “margarine children” won’t grasp this, but back then, after seeing an Abija movie, we would gather somewhere to start acting out the movie. We start chanting like warriors when someone introduces himself as Abija and another as Fadeyi Loro, Lalude, Sokoto, Arakangudu, Dagunro, Ogunjimi, or one of many other names. What yearning!

Abija doesn’t kick the bucket in motion pictures. He is consistently the victor everything being equal and that is the reason we as a whole child would need to address themselves as Abija.



Dagunro Alajiga Ogun, a veteran Yoruba actor, was born in Osogbo, Osun state. He began acting at a very young age after being inspired by Late Duro Ladipo, a teacher who was also a renowned veteran actor. In 1968, Dagunro earned his primary school diploma. And that was his finest academic achievement.

Before completing his primary education, this renowned movie star began performing. Dagunro also received mechanic training, but he decided to pursue his passion for acting instead. 2015 saw the late Dagunro celebrate 50 years performing.

This Yoruba cinema legend had just one wife, but she bore him five children—three boys and two girls. Two of Dagunro’s kids have decided to pursue professions in entertainment, following in his footsteps. Jamiu Olabankewin, Dagunro’s third child, is also an actor. He began his acting career under his father’s tutelage when he was a young boy.

Taofeeq Adewale Alapini


Fadeyi Oloro

Fadeyi Oloro is know for the role of Babalawo and he his very good at it, he his currently sick and we pray for a quick recovery for him.